Videos, banner ads or preroll?

To access our format choices, you must first choose which type of Unit you would like to use.

Do you need to enrich your website with video content combined with preroll ads? Choose a Content Unit.
Are you simply looking for advertising formats? Opt for an Ad Unit.

What type of website do you have?

Whether or not a format is optimized directly correlates to the type of website you intend to monetize, even if some formats, such as Video in Picture or Display Banners, are versatile and can be considered “universal.”


A blog is generally a site with many articles to read. Users often come across an article from a reference channel (social, organic) and are specifically interested in the subject matter. In this case the best formats are:

  • Stream (Content Unit): a rich video content player displaying relevant video content to your article and preroll ads in target with your audience, allows you to boost reader engagement if you have carefully chosen a video category in target with your content and audience.

For Content Units, the option "Show as ViP" is available meaning the player will remain in a fixed position as the the user scrolls in page increasing the percentage of visibility for video ads.

  • InText (Ad Unit): a video ad targeted to the interests of the user. It appears and expands while reading the article ensuring optimum viewability. The InText positioning is more effective if inserted as high as possible in the article, or in any area that guarantees a high reading percentage completion, ideally in the first 25% of article text.

Magazine or News website

A magazine user is generally a reader interested in different themes or a category of vertical topics (sports, politics, fashion, etc.) who arrives on the page from a mail feed, directly or from a search engine. S/he reads to stay informed on a topic or for hobby and therefore interested in related articles and content. In these cases, in addition to being able to take advantage of the useful formats we recommend for blogs, we also suggest:

  • Matrix (Content Unit): a Unit composed of content-related videos relevant to the page topic or category topics. Each video is combined with targeted audience advertising. If the reader is intrigued by the video images and titles, this format helps increase the average time on page and the ability to make multiple impressions for a single page displayed.

Image-focused Website

Users visiting a rich image site may not stay for a long time on a page or remain long at a certain position in page. For this factor, coupled with the visual user experience, we suggest using:

  • Video in Picture (Ad Unit): a versatile solution that is very successful in terms of performance and user experience. The video stays fixed at the bottom of the browser window after the user scrolls through the article. It adapts to any design: dense textual content, portfolio sites, or images.
  • Interstitial (Ad Unit): offers versatility, high visibility and high performance potential. It appears in a large window hovering over the website content and can be closed by the user.

I already have video content on my site

If you already have your own player in your website, you can still monetize with Viralize advertising campaigns. Just choose:

  • VAST (Ad Unit) is a code that can be inserted in your player's settings to give you pre-roll advertising videos.

Remember that for some Ad Unit formats the "ViP Mode" option is available to keep the player in a fixed position while scrolling through the page. Leave it active to increase the percentage of viewed video ads.
Watch the InText to ViP demo with the ViP mode ON.

How many ads should I have in the same page?

Choosing the right format also depends on how many other advertisements and/or banners you already have on the page.

We do not recommend including more than two video formats per page in order to ensure a fluid user experience, higher average time-on-page, and lower bounce rates.

In fact, having longer pages filled with content allows for more available space to insert advertisements without negatively affecting the visitor's experience.

Display Banners can be used multiple times; the appropriate distribution in the page varies while the use of diverse dimensions will help you take advantage of strategic points on-page.

When combining two formats, we recommend choosing two different placements, one that lies inside the page content and one fixed, making sure to turn off the VIP mode if you already have a Video in Picture on the page.

Here are some combination examples:

  • Stream + Video in Picture + Display Banner
  • InText with ViP Mode ON + Matrix
  • Video in Picture + Display Banner
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