We have an ads.txt file that is always updated for you.

If you have an account with Viralize, log into your Dashboard, and look for the "Ads.txt" box. Download the file by clicking on the button similar to this example:

If you already use other monetization platforms 

Have you already implemented an ads.txt file? Copy all the entries from our file and add them to existing ads.txt file, after the original entries.

I already have an ads.txt file on my site

Do you already have an existing ads.txt file with lines of the other monetization platforms you're using?

Read more on how to add the Viralize lines to your file.

If you haven't inserted an ads.txt file yet on your site

You can directly use our ads.txt file.

Remember that every monetization platform has its own additional entries to be included in the ads.txt file; if you are using other platforms for your monetization, read more on how to add the Viralize lines to your file.

Once you have updated and uploaded the ads.txt file correctly on your Sites, our system will take a few hours to detect the change and update the verification outcome.

NB: inserted the ads.txt file does not in any way interfere with your site's code.

If you have a Wordpress site, read these instructions.

You can read more on why you need to have an ads.txt file or deepen your knowledge on the subject with the IAB directives on ads.txt (English), which also provides instructions on where to place the file on your site.

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