Which ads are shown?

The advertising spots distributed by our Units originate from direct campaigns or programmatic campaigns planned by Viralize Premium Buyers, top Brands that have chosen Viralize for video advertising distribution on the internet.

How are the campaigns selected?

Viralize selects campaigns that meet a set of requirements and give Publishers the best opportunity to monetize.

The requirements for ad delivery are expressed in terms of:

  • Audience: interests, demographics of user profiles that visit your site

  • Ad format

  • Device type (desktop or mobile)

  • Geographic area

The probability that a specific advertisement will be distributed on your site also depends on the set of standard categories (chosen from the categories specified by the Interactive Advertising Bureau - IAB Quality Assurance Guidelines) with which our staff has classified your site during the audit.

This system also
ensures optimal results for Advertisers, who require their videos to be displayed in a specific format and to a precise segment of users.

Are the advertisements the same on every device and for each user?

Based on what has been previously explained, no.
A Unit only distributes advertising on sites and to users in line with the requirements specified by the Advertiser
. For example, the following cases may occur:

  • A Unit distributes different advertising on the same site according to the desktop or mobile version

  • A specific advertisement is distributed only on mobile

  • A Unit provides different advertisements depending on who is visiting the site (session cookies)

  • The same Unit erogates different advertisements on diversely classified sites (for example, a website focused on cars and another concerning family and motherhood topics).

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