Log in to your Viralize account by going to viralize.com and click "SIGN IN" at the top right.
Click on the "Units" tab to access the section. At the top right you will notice the "New" button. By clicking on the button you can then choose between:

  • Ad Unit: allows you to add a separate advertising video

  • Content Unit: allows you to add thematic video content combined with preroll advertisements

For every Unit, you can specify:

  • Name: choose a name that reminds you of how you're using the Unit or which goals it is tied to

  • Format: determines the following available options

The options for Ad Unit include:

  • Floor Price - the minimum accepted payment desired for an ad (not available for Display Banners)

  • Capping - limits the number of times the player appears on your site in order to not stress the user (not available for Display Banners)

  • Fallback - allows the player to tap into other networks if Viralize fails to deliver Impressions on a visited page

The options for Content Unit include:

  • Language of the content video

  • The specific video you would like to deliver on your site. Initially, we suggest you choose videos from all available Categories and then monitor your traffic in Reports to understand which videos have the best performance.

After you have made your selections, hit save, and copy and paste the code into your site.

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