As a Publisher, you are required to collect informed consent from your users to deliver personalized advertising.

What to do in order to collect users' consent on your sites

To collect consent to continue delivering advertising and content, you must implement a Consent Management Platform (CMP) on your site.

On each site with a CMP, a user who has not already given consent will visualize a notification like the one below.

The user can then consent to the use of technology for the distribution of content and advertising or choose to express partial consent to data management for certain purposes.

Having a CMP on a site that you intend to monetize is of paramount importance.

Please note that some vendors may reject requests from sites that can not find information about users' consent. The absence of a CMP can therefore affect the volumes of monetized impressions.

How to integrate a CMP

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has made a framework available that provides construction standards for a Consent Management Platform (CMP), which requires you to comply with a series of rather complicated requirements.

To make sure you have a compliant CMP we suggest you implement the ready-to-use version developed by Quantcast (also available in an ad hoc version for Wordpress and Drupal). 

Copy this code and paste it into the <head> block of your site:

<script type="application/javascript" src=""></script>

Alternatively, you can create your own custom CMP using the same Quantcast Choice technology available on their site, which includes useful video tutorials.

For any clarification and technical details refer to the Quantcast implementation guide.

The Quantcast CMP is listed in the IAB-standard CMP list.
If for any reason you can't implement the Quantcast solution, we encourage you to choose an alternative from the same list.

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