As a Publisher, you are required to collect informed consent from your users to deliver personalized advertising.

To collect consent to continue delivering advertising and content, you must implement a Consent Management Platform (CMP) on your site.

On each site with a CMP, a user who has not already given consent will visualize a notification so he/she can express total or partial consent to data management for certain purposes.

Having a CMP on a site that you intend to monetize is of paramount importance.

The absence of a CMP can therefore affect the volumes of monetized impressions.

How to integrate a CMP

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has made a framework available that provides construction standards for a Consent Management Platform (CMP), which requires you to comply with a series of rather complicated requirements.

To make sure you have a compliant CMP we suggest you implement the free version developed by Quantcast

Read our instructions here.

The Quantcast CMP is listed in the IAB-standard CMP list.
If for any reason you can't implement the Quantcast solution, we encourage you to choose an alternative from the same list.

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