Right before reaching your payout, you will receive an email to request invoicing enablement. 

Just follow these four simple steps (as summarized in the figure below).

To start, send a request

Go the Payments tab and look for this box:

Choose the country where your business is registered, or where you are a resident if you do not have a VAT number, and start the request process by clicking on the Enable invoicing button. Our Administration will immediately insert the request in process.

Complete and sign the form we have sent you

You will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed.

  • Check your email in the next few days after sending your request

  • Click on the form linked in the email received

  • Complete and sign the form following the attached instructions 

Wait for approval

Once you have submitted the signed form, if completed correctly, you will receive an approval email within a few days. Done!

Now that you are able to issue invoices, read more on the timing required for payment.

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