To apply as a Video Creator it is important to prepare to answer some questions both qualitatively and quantitatively.

First of all, you must be the owner and have the copyright to all of the videos you want to distribute. Under this condition, you can contact us after preparing the following information:

  • identify the relevance category of your videos: refer to the IAB taxonomy

  • note the total number of existing videos that you would like to include in the Viralize network and their average duration

  • se hai già inserito i video su Youtube, Vimeo o altre piattaforme social, comunicalo

  • indicate the current performance of your videos in each distribution channel, in particular, the monthly views

  • provide a realistic indication of how many videos you would like to add and with what  frequency, such as 10 per week, 10 per month etc. ...

Finally, prepare some links to your videos so our staff can speed up the quality control process and you can start monetizing as soon as possible.

As soon as you have everything ready, contact us by clicking on the icon at the bottom right!

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