Prepare your invoice

It's really easy. We have prepared a fiscal document request where you can find all the information that you must include in your invoice.

  • In the Payments section, hover over the payment line and click on "Download Request"
  • Make the invoice out to the address indicated in the fiscal document request
  • Include in your invoice the descriptions and the totals written in the fiscal document request
  • Apply the relevant taxes according to your tax bracket and, if necessary, the required stamp
  • Add your IBAN code or the Paypal email you have chosen for payment
  • Check that the company details match those you provided in the form sent to initially enable invoicing
  • Attach the invoice to the payment in PDF format by clicking on "Upload"
  • If you have to issue an electronic invoice, the invoicing code will be indicated in the fiscal document request.

In the event that invalid traffic was detected on one or more of your sites, you can still issue an invoice, subtracting the amount related to invalid traffic specified in the fiscal document request.

If you work on an occasional basis and need to issue a receipt, for each payment please use this form, fill in the required fields and upload it to the Payments section once signed.

Upload your invoice

Go to the Payments section and upload the invoice in PDF format.

If you are submitting an invoice as a company or a freelancer in Italy, the invoice that you upload here in PDF must conform to the electronic invoice that you have transmitted to the SdI for the same reference period.
Wait for the upload to finish.

Send the original (only for those who issue a receipt)

Only if you need to issue a receipt with a stamp, is it necessary to send the receipt also via traditional post. Send the receipt to the following address:

Viralize srl
Viale Spartaco Lavagnini 7, 50129

NB: the billing address is different from the postal address. Find the correct address in the details above or in the fiscal document request.

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