Starting from the 10th of each month and not before this date, our Staff will review all of the invoices received from our suppliers, in other words, all invoices correctly attached in the Payments Section.

NB: The invoice review process can sometimes last until the 15th of the current month.

A payment labeled Under review becomes Approved if the invoice attached has followed these requirements:

  • The items and amounts on the invoice correspond to those shown in the fiscal document request which can be downloaded from the Payments Section

  • The company information (VAT number, company name, etc.) corresponds to the information you sent in the form sent to request invoice enablement.

  • For Italy, invoices must be compliant with the electronic invoices uploaded on SdI

If the invoice is compliant with our requirements, you will receive an approval notification by email and the payment status will be changed to Approved.

If the invoice has inaccuracies, you will be contacted by our Staff to make the necessary corrections.

If a payment is still Under review more than halfway through the month, it is possible that you did not attach the invoice by the 10th of the month. You will have to wait until the following month for approval.

Find out more information on payment timing and deadlines in this article.

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