It’s easy! We suggest the following steps to write an organized ads.txt file that’s easy to update in the future, even if you already collaborate with other sellers.

  • Download our ads.txt file from the Dashboard

  • Open a text editor and copy all the lines from our file

  • Now, open the ads.txt file already implemented on your site

  • At the top of the list, insert two comment lines (or more, if necessary) using the pound (hash) key, like these examples below:

#Other Seller

  • Paste the lines you have copied from our ads.txt file between the two comments. You should have lines of text similar to the screenshot example below.

  • Save the updated ads.txt file and, if necessary, re-upload it on your site.

You’re done!

Now when we publish ads.txt file updates, simply substitute the lines under the #Viralize block without mixing up with lines from other sellers. 

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