Discover how to create and maintain a single, organized ads.txt file and easily keep it updated on your Wordpress site.

Add an ads.txt file to your Wordpress site

  • Log in to your site's administration system on Wordpress.

To manage the ads.txt file you first need to install a plugin.
There are many options. We suggest Ads.txt Manager; it's simple and functional.

  • From the Plugins area, search for the plugin Ads.txt Manager

  • Add and activate the Ads.txt Manager

Add the Ads.txt Manager plugin

If the activation has been completed successfully, you should see a new entry in the Settings menu.

  • Click on Ads.txt. You will access a page with a text area like the following screenshot.

This is the Ads.txt Manager screen where you can manage the ads.txt file

  • In a new browser tab, log in to Viralize and download our ads.txt file. You can do this by going to the Ads.txt box in the Dashboard.

The Ads.txt box where you can download the latest version of our ads.txt file

  • Open the ads.txt file with a text editor. Copy all the content and paste it in the Ads.txt Manager text area in Wordpress, then click Save.

Update your ads.txt file in Wordpress

When we publish a new version of our ads.txt file, follow these same instructions: 

  • Download our file

  • Open it in a text editor

  • Copy all the lines of content

If you're using only Viralize as your advertising platform, in the Ads.txt Manager window erase any current information and paste the new updated content into the file and save.

If you have ads.txt information related to other suppliers, go to the Ads.txt Manager plugin window you just installed. Add the lines relative to Viralize's ads.txt before the others and save.

We suggest using comment lines as illustrated below to keep your file ordered and updated; this should look like the screenshot below. 

This is how your ads.txt file should appear on your Wordpress site.

Read more on why it's necessary to have an ads.txt file.

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