Pre-roll ads are video advertisements that play prior to original content video.
There are two ways to add prerolls ads to your site with Viralize:

  • Use our VAST code, if you already have a player

  • Choose a Content Unit with thematic videos combined with pre-roll spots

Use our VAST code

For this solution, you must already have a player on your site.

Choose the VAST Unit or create a new Unit with the VAST format.

  • Click on "Get code" so the window opens where you copy the VAST code;

  • Make sure you have each escaped page URL on which you want to insert VAST (see more details here) and copy it:

  • Replace the {ESCAPED_PAGE_URL} with the copied URL.

Our system will detect automatically the domain originating from the ad request and add it to the Sites section so that our Staff can view it and approve it quickly.

Choose a Content Unit

We have created Content Units to offer all Publishers an opportunity to monetize with pre-rolls.

The Content Unit provides a player that delivers preroll advertising videos combined with thematic content videos selected from the thousands present in our library. The selection is based on the user's interests, the topics covered on the page, or on specific categories of your choice.

Go to Units.
You can use a pre-generated Content Unit in English; to choose different settings, create a new Unit.

To start, we suggest choosing the Stream Unit with:

  • Activation On ad fill

  • Show as ViP Only while playing content or ad

Select the language for content videos.

At this time, don't change anything else and test the format.
When you have some data in Reports, you can better understand how to optimize delivery.

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