You can follow these simple steps to improve the performance of your Units. First off, take notice of the position and viewability of the player:

  • Choose a format that works well with your site’s design 

  • Improve the player's positioning on the page. Many times it helps just moving the format higher up in the page or, if it is an overlay format, avoid overlapping with other elements

  • Check the position of the player on all devices

  • If you're using a Content Unit, use page load activation.

Try to increase the average time on the page. A user who spends more time on your page is more likely to see an advertisement.

To do this, create more in-depth content with a certain frequency:

  • Write longer articles 

  • Enhance articles by adding more in-depth support - you can use infographics, images or our Content Units for this purpose!

  • Focus the content of your site (or a section of the site) on a specific topic so your audience fits into a distinct interest segment

  • Keep your content publication frequency consistent

  • Do not insert more than one Ad Unit on the same page to avoid penalizing your site's user experience. If you have a clean design and sufficiently long articles, you can try to match an overlay format like Video in Picture with a page format like Stream.

The Viralize formats are evaluated and updated individually in terms of design and performance thanks to feedback from our Publishers. For this reason, we generally suggest you insert only one Ad Unit per page.

In all cases:

  • Improve the aesthetic and quality of content: many advertisers take great care when choosing which sites they prefer to use to deliver advertisements.  Improving these features enhances the purchasing potential of your advertising space.

  • Constantly keep the Unit code in page; by continuously collecting data we can optimize advertising delivery on your site.

  • You can enter a fallback code in the Ad Units, which is useful for monetizing even if we do not have any available Campaigns in line with your target.

If you need to use alternative advertising services to Viralize, insert the fallback code provided by the other network in the Ad Units; our player can continue to collect useful data to improve performance.

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