First of all, check that you have implemented the ads.txt file on the site you want to monetize and make sure to update this file with the data related to our services.
If you have not already done so, read where to find the correct data to insert in your ads.txt file.

If the ads.txt file on your site is ready and updated, in order to start earning revenue, insert a Video or Unit on your site.

Start with something simple: we suggest a Unit with Video in Picture format.

Get the code

Log in to your Viralize account and go to the Units section.

You will see some pre-generated units ready to be placed on your site. To view the previews, click on "Demo." Each format is responsive and compatible with mobile (it automatically adapts to the available screen area).

You will see that there is a generic script available or the compatible Google AMP code. Use the latter if your pages use Google's AMP technology to optimize mobile uploading performance.

To obtain the code to paste in your site, click on the "Get code" button.

You can also create a new personalized Unit.

Copy it and paste it into your site

Copy the code in the pop-up window and paste it into your site by following the instructions in the box that appears when you click on "copy".

For further details read Where on my site should I embed the Unit code?

How to check if the code was inserted correctly

Once the code is pasted in your website, you can check if it was correctly inserted by activating the "Test Unit" button.

If the code is inserted correctly while the test button is switched to "ON", a demonstration video will display for a few minutes on all your sites containing the Viralize Unit code. You can even test your Units on mobile by logging in to your Viralize account and setting the test function to "ON" from your smartphone.

Read more about the Test Unit function.

Your site must be approved by our team

In order to begin seeing actual advertisements and results in Reports, you must wait until your site has been approved by our Staff and is Active.

Read how to speed up the site approval process.

If you are an expert

Try a Video or the other formats. Choose a Content Unit to deliver preroll advertisements combined with thematic content videos, or create a custom Unit by managing advanced options such as fallback, capping and floor price.

Read our tips on choosing the most suitable format for your site.

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