Invoice required

Invoice required means that in the last month you have reached or exceeded the payout minimum and a new payment has been generated.

The new payment will normally appear by the 5th of the month; please wait for the notification with instructions on how to issue your invoice.

Prepare the invoice by following the instructions received via email and upload it in PDF format in the Payments Section to proceed.

You can find out more by reading, How to prepare your invoice and deliver it in the required time frame.

Under review

As soon as you attach an invoice to the payment, its status changes to Under review. As long as the invoice is under review, you can replace it by uploading the latest version.

The invoice must be received by the 10th of each month. Wait until the 10th of the month to receive more information regarding the compliance review by our Administration.

Please read the details about the review process carefully.


Our Administration has approved your invoice and has released the payment. This will take place either on a Tuesday or Thursday (excluding holidays), 60 days from the date your invoice was received.

You can double-check the invoice receipt date which you'll find below the attached invoice icon.

For example:
Imagine the invoice attached in the figure above was dated November 2, 2018.

You attached the invoice to your payment on November 5th and it was approved on November 12th.

60 days will have passed as of January 5, 2019 which is a Saturday. The payment will be made the following Tuesday. You should receive your credit Wednesday, January 9, 2019.

Find out how much time is necessary to get paid.

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