The embed location for your Unit code depends on the advertising format you choose. The instructions below apply whether you are using a generic <script> code or a compatible AMP code <amp-ad>.

If you are using a code editor, please refer to the following screenshot. The points where the code should be pasted are marked with a red dot.

Formats with video content combined with preroll ads (Content Unit)

Stream should be pasted in the exact position that you want the player to appear. We suggest you paste the code within an article.

Formats with video ads (Ad Units)

Video in Picture and Interstitial formats can be placed anywhere in your page. We suggest you place them after the <body> tag so they will be easier to find later.

InText is a very versatile format and is meant to be placed between on-page content in order to expand while the user is reading. Paste the code as high on the page as possible, so your earning potential is optimized. You can also try pasting it right after the <body> tag to make it appear within the header of your page.

VAST is the format you should choose if you want to insert a pre-roll advertising combined with video content already present on your site. The VAST code must be integrated in the player you already have; consult your player's documentation to understand how to insert our VAST code.

Display Banners are the only non-video advertising format.
They must be inserted at strategic points on the page suitable for the dimensions you have chosen. For example, use a Desktop Leaderboard at the top of the page.
Paste the code exactly where you want it to appear on the page.

NB: if you are confident with code, you can also choose to use a javascript script to inject the player in the page which is compatible with every format except VAST.

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