To guarantee the highest probability of conversion, each Content Unit is optimized to automatically deliver videos based on your site's theme and/or your visitor's interests.

However, it is possible to personalize the selection of content by going to the modify Unit screen in the "Content" box.

Choose specific category themes

  • First step, choose the language you want for your videos
  • In Categories, click Custom 
  • Select your interests from the available categories

The availability of the videos, and therefore the categories, varies over time based on the recency of the content and the availability of the creators. When the category is "off" it means that it is temporarily unavailable in the selected language.

Remember that by selecting your video categories, you have more control over the delivered content, but you may miss out on monetization opportunities offered by cookie-based algorithms. We recommend only using these limitations if you have a very precise idea of your audience.

Choose a specific video

You can also deliver just one specific video. Go to the Video section, use the filters to find the video you prefer to insert and get the code directly.

Choose your own videos

If you are also a Creator, you can choose whether to select videos from the Viralize library or only your own videos.

Can't find the videos you want? Let us know which categories you'd like to see by clicking on the icon at the bottom right. We are constantly looking for new video creators to provide you with more video choices!

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