Each Content Unit is optimized to automatically deliver videos selected on the basis of visitors' interests and/or related to the themes of your site, which represent the highest probability of conversion.

However, it is possible to limit the selection of content by accessing the screen Unit, in the "Content video" box.

Choose specific category themes

  • First, choose the language you want for your videos

  • Further down, you can specify the Categories; click on the box that appears in the dropdown menu, select the topics which interest you, or start typing the category to quickly filter the menu.

The amount of videos in each category varies over time based on the topicality of the content and the editorial choice of our Creators.

Remember that by choosing your video categories, you have more control over the content delivered but you may miss out on monetization opportunities offered by targeting. We recommend using these limitations only if you have strong editorial and a very precise idea of your audience.

Choose a Playlist

You can create a Content Unit that reproduces only specific videos from a Playlist.

  • Go to Videos

  • Select the videos to include in you your first Playlist

  • Assign a name to your Playlist

  • Go to Units and create a new Content Unit or modify an existing Content Unit. When there has been at least one Playlist already created, you can then select the desired Playlist in the section Content Videos -> Select from

Choose your own videos

If you are also a Creator, in addition to the normal options for a Content Unit, you can choose to deliver only your own videos. These too can be filtered by category, if you have more than one.

Choose a specific video

Want to deliver only one video? Write to us to ask for this specific permission.

This solution is particularly indicated for those who manage sites with very in-depth and vertical content with a specific audience.

Didn't find the right content you were looking for? Contact us! We are constantly on the lookout for new video Creators to improve our content rotation.

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